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Vidyalava Future plans

* Vidyalaya Future Plans* 

Our Vision for the next Three Years

· Academic excellence: 0 % failure with all First division +75% distinction.

· JNVST registration: Target Minimum 10% increment Every Year.

· Computer literacy to be undertaken as common programme in the nearby school.

· Awareness of the population: Education to be spread in the village.

· Computer competency in students (Who Stay in JNV) to find themselves eligible for any profession.

· Music, Sports & Arts not as a hobby, but as a career to be taken by the students to pursue a purposeful future in the days forming the very foundation during their stay in JNV.

· To live up to the hopes and aspiration of NVS.

· To produce at least 20 candidates for SGFI

"Our Target For Year 2016-17"

  • Creation of stress free environment in Vidyalaya.

  • 100% Result & 75% Class Average  in the board examination.

  • Use of  I.C.T in class room teaching.

  • Transition from traditional  black board to interactive white / green board.

  • Providing online educational services for the children.