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  • "Dear alumni, *Kind Attention plz..* We are glad to inform you that JNV Naichana Rewari is completing 25 yrs of establishment and celebrating its silver Jubilee function on 22..."
    Silver Jubilee on 22 oct
    Silver Jubilee on 22 Oct
  • "Dear all, Today's meet was success in every aspects MOM 1. It is decided first we will register our alumini association under society act. 2. Name of or association will be ..."

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Vidyalaya  Facilities

         There is a well equipped, accessibleBiology Lab, Chemistry, Physics & Computer Lab to conduct practicals students can undertake in single turn. Properly ventilated, congenial and conductive atmosphere inner. Amenities to all practical equipments electifield in all corners, well decorated with scientific charts. Imparting in scientificinter disciplinary aspects for all. Display of projector slides and CDs to make them aware with recent alteration. For all round development of the students we care an indispensable attention for outwardly and intro wardly alertness. It completes the request of all students in various manners. 

Computer Education facilities

JNV Rewari also imparts quality based Computer Education facilities . Our Vidyalaya has best and well maintained computer lab. It can accommodate 40 students for the practical activity at a time. Each group of two students use one computer. All the students of class 6th -8th are always curious to visit and perform creative and constructive activities in this lab. At present 10 computers and educational CDs fro class 6th -8th are available in this lab. Computer aided Education help the students in all subject areas to learn and to develop the ability to access, Interpret and analyze. Students can offend use bulk of software available in the market for improving their knowledge and performance. Students use individual e-mail account to compose, send and receive e-mail message, students are able to access the internet for getting vital information related to their successful and bright future. Students prepare their project in all subject by using computer. Teachers also use computer lab for preparing various papers related with their subjects and access the internet for websites viewing for important information. Teachers also use computer for watching educational CDs and prepare their results. 

Divisional System 
     In residential School an effective Mess/Divisional System Creates an Excellent Environment Conducive to all-round development of the children. In JNV Rewari. The Mess is efficiently Handled and run by the Member Secretary of the mess. Vidyalaya Mess provides 30 person seating capacity for each house. All furniture‚Äôs are arranged in 4 rows respectively for Arawali, Nilgiri, Shivalik, Udhayagiri & girls. All H.M. take their meals with students.

Divisional System

        Medical Care-
               Good Health and Sound Body always provide great impetus in steady and comprehensive  advancement of the Education and for that matter the Dept. of Medical Inspection, JNV spares no stone unturned in serving the students and the society. The treatment is provided under the the  guidance of Staff Nurse. Further the Vidyalaya is visited by a Govt.  Regd. medical practitioner who takes proper and very best care of the  students throughout the academic session. Staff Nurse also takes sincere care in matters regarding cleanliness, Health and Hygiene.
Sports, Music and Art -
   The Vidyalaya aims to provide appropriate opportunities for every single student to fulfill himself/herself on the field. We  recognize the need to coach our best players whilst at the same time providing our less skilful performers with worthwhile and enjoyable activities.
           The Vidyalaya actively encourages the students to mature their talent in the field of Music and Art & provide them with the experience of playing with a large ensemble.

Scouts and Guides

     The World's greatest brotherhood movement Scouts and Guides has brought about great changes in the world. It has strong deep roots here also. The Scouts and Guides are really given opportunities and exposed to overcome the difficulties, when such kind of programme are organize. It is great experience to stand on their own legs and widen their friendships, skills, sharing, caring and mutual help. Adventure activities inculcate leadership qualities etc. Scouting is not only outing. It is a value oriented education programme. We are fully aware that the very Promise and Law gives a concrete role model of an ideal Citizen. The Scouting helps to know the way, show the way and also to lead the way.